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Order of the Mayor due to COVID-19 Impacts on Main Street

On March 10, 2020, Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. On June 5, 2020 Governor Baker announced Phase II of the Massachusetts Reopening Plan, which included mandatory safety standards for restaurants to serve patrons outdoors. State requirements can be viewed online here:

Cá viên miễn phíMayoral Order as it relates to allowing the conversion of public parking on Main Street for the use as restaurant dining space until November 30, 2020

Pursuant to this order, a restaurant operating in accordance with the mandatory safety measures and any other applicable local or state requirement may make an application to convert public parking for the use as restaurant dining space.

A detailed logistics plan shall be reviewed and approved by Police, DPW, Mayor's office, and Planning Department and include (at a minimum) the following:
• A map of the area to be used, with dimensions
• The materials to separate areas from cars (with an emphasis on concrete barriers)
• A timeline for how long it will be in place
• Who will be responsible for managing the space, including a plan for trash management
• An exterior lighting plan (if applicable), exterior heating plan (if applicable)
Cá viên miễn phí• Anticipated hours of operation

Any such request that is approved may be implemented immediately in compliance with all other orders, requirements, or provisions of local and state regulations and shall be in place no later than November 30, 2020. Applicants shall be solely responsible for all costs associated with any conversion and must be separated from vehicles by concrete barriers.

Ordered this 31st day of August 2020

City of Easthampton, Massachusetts

Nicole LaChapelle
Its Duly Elected Mayor


Main Phone Number 413-529-1400
Municipal Building 50 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027